Wood: naturally the best material for outdoor furniture and construction.

For the Outdoor sector, Mediawood only sells items in seasoned pine and spruce, carefully selected according to strict criteria of forest sustainability by certified world-leading producers.

This is a guarantee of maximum quality and eco-sustainability, but also of constant and punctual supplies, of a wide assortment that exceeds the variety of Mediawood clients’ requests, of availability for customised productions, as well as continuous research and development to ensure products with constantly improved features and treatments.

Whether it is furnishing outdoor spaces for homes, commercial premises, tourist facilities, parks or elsewhere, wood is always a choice that aims to achieve harmony, pleasantness, warmth and well-being. This improves along with the quality of the product, because the higher the quality gets, the higher its performance will be.

Rely on Mediawood for wood outdoor products capable of making any project pleasant, attractive and comfortable.