Sawn timber

By means of gatter saws, band saws and circular saws with ultra-modern technology, the preselected round timber is processed further to create a wide assortment of cut material. The specific technical drying used for the respective product ensures a moisture of the wood suitable for its purpose and application.

We sell quality sawn timber, boards sawn from the centre and from the side, such as boards, beams and squared timber for industrial processing, planed timber, as well as cuts for the packaging industry.

An optimisation of the sectioning before cutting guarantees the best use of each tree trunk. The circular saw guarantees smooth surfaces, cutting precision and compliance to measurements.

Mediawood’s lumber is available fresh or technically dried in special drying chambers at the degree of humidity required by the customer, for example for export packaging.

The supply from leading international producers with modern sawmills that use only wood from neighbouring sustainable European forests, guarantees Mediawood’s clients, in addition to high quality, also continuity and speed of supply of sawn timber.

Center boards
thickness:     from mm 22 to mm 63
width:     from mm 100 to mm 270
length:     from mt 3,00 to mt 5,00
drying:     according to use

Side boards
thickness:     from mm 15 to mm 22
width:     from mm 75 to mm 220
length:     from mt 3,00 to mt 5,00
drying:     18% +/- 2%