Wood for Packaging

In recent decades, the handling of goods has assumed great importance for the world economy and for our lifestyle. For this reason, packaging is a constantly growing sector.

Wood is the material that best guarantees the protection of valuable goods during transport: whether the shipment is by land, by sea or by air, wood is in fact often the best solution thanks to its resistance, its versatility, low cost and its intrinsic eco-sustainability.

More or less standard pallets, mountable, folding or paneled crates, platforms, small and large cages, packaging for works of art, are the most used wooden items today in the packaging sector. All products that can boast great resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

A wooden packaging is also often made to measure, this implies careful design but also a raw material that is both resistant and easy to work with.

Therefore, choosing a quality raw material with appropriate characteristics allows you to obtain packaging with better performance and suited to specific needs.

Thanks to the close collaboration with certified and leading wood producers in the world, Mediawood offers continuous supplies to companies in the packaging sector with high quality wood from sustainable forests.