Mediawood also supplies both the packaging and the logistics industry on pallets with high quality wooden stringers.

These are spruce stringers, sawn from logs, planed or with grooves (on request), able to meet all the needs of the packaging world.

The stringers made for the packaging sector can be provided by Mediawood both fresh and subjected to Controlled Technical Drying, a treatment that complies with all the requirements of the IPPC and which can be calibrated on the basis of the intended use and specific client’s requests. For example, controlled technical drying is a common treatment for packaging of items subject to export.

The supply from leading international timber producers equipped with high-tech sawmills and who collect raw material exclusively from sustainable European forests, also guarantees Mediawood’s clients excellent quality of wood and technical characteristics of the items, continuity and fast deliveries and care in relation to the environmental sustainability of the product.

Our products

Dimensioni standard
Spessore mm Larghezza mm Lunghezza mt
45 45 3,00 - 5,00
45 95 3,00 - 5,00
75 75 3,00 - 5,00
75 95 3,00 - 5,00
95 95 3,00 - 5,00
95 115 3,00 - 5,00
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