Tongue and groove joints

Commonly known as "matchboards", these are profiled boards and laths made by cutting and profiling conifer wood. Subject to subsequent technical drying and planing, the product has a non-bearing function and is of great importance in the wood sector for two important reasons: the wide range of profiles available and the extensive variety of fields in which it can be used.

The fields of application of tongue and groove profiled laths provided by Mediawood are typically coverings for both indoor and outdoor, but these can be used in any visible construction as well as in non-visible ones: for balconies, facades and in the construction of terraces, but also for carpentry work.

The resistance to attacks by parasites of the profiled laths is a direct consequence of the type of wood used as well as the treatments with protective substances to which the product can be subjected, both during production and during the preparation of the work.

Mediawood has a very wide chromatic assortment for tongue and groove profiled laths, products of indisputable quality made by certified international leaders in the wood sector careful to environmental sustainability.

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