One of the flagship products of Mediawood.

Biofuels are booming in the market due to their ability to produce clean and CO2-neutral heating. It is now known that oil and gas, in addition to becoming increasingly scarce, create a harmful combustion, while the combustion of pellets and briquettes is clean.

But, even here, quality makes the difference. The pellets and briquettes supplied by Mediawood are certified products, 100% natural as they are made only with binders of natural origin, and of high quality because they originate from sawdust, shavings and chopped wood from the best European sawmills, which only use material from sustainable forests.

Why choose Mediawood’s biofuels?
The safety of a strictly controlled and high-quality biofuel guarantees the optimal operation of any heating system and the best calorific value, which translates into savings, less maintenance and less pollution of the environment.


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