HD+ Pellets

Fuels from renewable raw materials obtained from by-products of the woodwork industry, sawdust and wood chips. In addition to being made with what is generally waste material, unlike fossil fuels these pellets are wood-based materials without additives.

Furthermore, the producers of pellets proposed by Mediawood are leading international operators in the sector, who source their supplies from sustainable forests. This product is CO2-neutral, because during combustion it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the environment that the tree absorbed whilst growing.

The pellets supplied by Mediawood are tested by independent control bodies, burn very efficiently and leave very little residue. Among the different types of quality pellets proposed, Rettenmeier HD+ Pellets stand out, being obtained through a completely innovative manufacturing principle.

The production process which the HD+ Pellets is subjected to allows a homogeneous distribution of the lengths, so as to obtain a superior combustion thanks to an ideal filling of the combustion chamber, but also a drastic reduction in breakages and dust in the pellets. The result is a proven reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (-37%) and less residue in the bag, meaning less waste.

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