Briquettes are a fuel that is obtained from shavings from wood processing waste. In addition to being produced with otherwise unusable material from renewable materials, unlike many other fossil fuels, the briquettes provided by Mediawood are without any kind of additive.

It is also a product with zero carbon dioxide emissions, due to the fact that the same amount is released during combustion that the tree has absorbed during its growth period.

The combustion obtained with wood briquettes is very efficient and leaves very little residue, also thanks to the high-pressure compression, which allows the hollowed-out pulp lignin to act as a natural binder, avoiding the use of chemical binders.

These wood briquettes provide a truly welcoming heat, they are an ecological fuel from renewable sources, as a biomass they burn with zero carbon emissions with a low incidence of ashes and, finally, they guarantee a long burning time with an important calorific value.

Mediawood offers wood briquettes of the best quality, produced by certified companies that are international leaders in woodworking and which operate not only scrupulously following the regulations of the sector, but also adopting their own forest protection policies and internal codes of conduct oriented to the utmost respect for the environment.

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