Construction industry


Slatted wood is the most commonly used material in all construction sectors because of the extraordinary characteristics it allows: great versatility, high strength in relation to weight, easy processing.

The extensive Mediawood assortment in the battens sector allows us to meet all the needs of our clients, whether they are active in the construction or decorative sector. This is possible thanks to the potential of the producers with whom Mediawood collaborates.

On request, we can also supply battens with dipping impregnation, a procedure that optimises the product for greater protection of the wood from deteriorating organisms. Wood species, wood moisture (digitally controlled drying also ensures dimensional stability and favours subsequent processing), immersion time and concentration of the solution, are the variables that determine the absorption of the product and can be decided by the client.

Mediawood has always collaborated exclusively with international leaders in the production of wood battens with controlled and certified trunks from sustainably managed forests.

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