3-layer Boards

Mediawood supplies solid 3-layer panels for the furniture and DIY sectors. These panels are optimal for the use in indoor and outdoor furnishings, for example for facades, in the creation of furniture components for commercial premises and offices, but they are also commonly used in the construction sector: a guarantee of solidity and quality.

Among the wooden items, the multilayer panel is undoubtedly the one that best lends itself to subsequent processing, guaranteeing ease and excellent technical and aesthetic performance. For this reason, it is becoming more popular in the do-it-yourself sector.

Mediawood is able to provide its clients with excellent 3-layer panels with a pleasant and uniform appearance with fast and punctual deliveries. This is possible thanks to the stable and direct relationship with international producers who only use wood from sustainable forests which are equipped with high-tech production facilities: machinery capable of instantly selecting the lamellas for optimal use of the raw material and the maximum possible quality.

In addition, the gluing technique of the layers of the panels sold by Mediawood is ecological. By combining this technique with the quality of the raw material used, especially in the massive outer layers, not only are all the characteristics of the wood unaltered, but it is made even more stable and resistant.

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